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About Us

Get to Know Little Grey Cells

Owners Jaime and Alison first met via Bumble BFF in 2019, when they bonded over a mutual love of Agatha Christie mysteries. Two and a half years later, the two decided to open an online used bookstore to share their favorite genres with others.
Whether you're into whodunnits, slasher stories, mistaken identities, dragons, or time travel, you have a place here at Little Grey Cells!


Enhancing the Reading Experience

One of our main goals at Little Grey Cells is to facilitate the enjoyment in sitting down to read a physical book. We have nothing against audiobooks or e-readers; but there is simply something inherently special about curling up in a comfy space, with a hot cocoa or cocktail, and falling into another world. We hope that our hand-crafted items, as well as our used books, will enhance your reading experience!

Meet the Owners


Jaime Mayo


Jaime loves a good mystery novel and has been an avid Agatha Christie fan since elementary school. Science fiction and fantasy novels come in a close second, with Neil Gaiman being another favorite author of hers (Stardust will never get old). She feels like there are just so many good books and not enough time!


Alison Caskey


Alison prefers the Horror and Science Fiction genres, but will never pass up a good mystery. While favorites are limiting, she will say that "The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side" is a beloved Christie, and if she ever met Stephen King, she'd have him sign her battered copy of "The Stand"

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